C2 Strong-Fix Industry Pack 5.0 x 80 - 100

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TIMCO C2 Strong-Fix Multi-Purpose Premium Countersunk Gold Woodscrews - 5.0 x 80

A premium multi-material screw featuring the award winning C2 twin-cut technology. The dual angle full thread design ensures maximum pull-out strength on every fixing. Ideal for applications when optimum holding force is required such as hinges, brackets and high load environments.

1000 Pieces (Box)

Deep recess to prevent 'cam-out', giving a precise and positive drive control on every screw
Ribs under head for improved countersinking and to give a smooth and flush finish, also prevents splitting and material damage
Coated with a high-molecular polymer lubricant that reduces the insertion torque by up to 52% and increases rust protection up to 20 times longer than a standard zinc plating
Dual angle thread gives an ultimate performance and an exceptionally high pull-out resistance
Patented twin cut technology for rapid "pick-up" and reduces timber splitting
Weight - 6.64

Screws - C2 Strong-Fix Industry Pack

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Units: 1000 PCS

PART: TIM-50080C2IND (106509)

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GBP0004694 / 51130000 - 03

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