Classic Screw PZ2 CSK ZYP 5.0 x 80 - 200 P 200 PCS - Box

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TIMCO Classic Multi-Purpose Countersunk Gold Woodscrews - 5.0 x 80

Specifically designed as a multi-purpose product, the 25 sharp point, special thread design, lubrication and corrosion resistant plating ensures the screw will consistently perform efficiently in hardwood, chipboard, MDF, plastic and thin sheet metal, whilst offering exceptional holding power.

200 Pieces (Box)

Double countersunk reduces the likelihood of head shear and assists completion of countersinking
Patented lubrication, designed to enhance screw insertion time and provides greater resistance to corrosion
40 deep single thread to provide a secure fixing with high pull-out resistance
Surface hardened up to 750 HV to prevent torque shearing under load and a core hardness of up to 450 HV for improved ductility
Single slash on 25mm+ to reduce torque and the likelihood of the timber splitting when the screw is inserted close to the edge
Weight - 1.36

Screws - Classic Screw PZ2 CSK ZYP

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Units: 200 PCS

PART: TIM-50080CLAF (10704)

33 / 0 / 63

GBP000912 / 9930000 - 03

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