HSS-G Long Series Drill Bit M2 4.2mm - 10 10 PCS - Tube

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TIMCO Ground Long Jobber Drills HSS M2 - 4.2mm

For drilling carbon and alloy steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metal and plastics. 135 split point tip from 3mm and above prevents the bit from drifting and enables faster penetration.

10 Pieces (Tube)

Fully ground from solid material
High grade M2 alloyed High Speed Steel (HSS)
Manufactured to DIN 340
Dimensionally precise
High peformance 135 split point tip readicates the need to pre-drill/centre punch.
Weight - 0.15

Powertool Accessories - HSS-G Long Series Drill Bit M2

Powertool Accessories | Drilling | Metal | HSS Drills | HSS M2 Ground Long Jobber Drill

Units: 10 PCS

PART: TIM-HSSGL42 (13030)

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GBP0001507 / 16420000 - 03

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