Multi-Fix Bolt HEX Flange Head 6.0 x 130 - 100 PCS - Box

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TIMCO Multi-Fix Bolts Hex Flange Head Exterior Silver - 6.0 x 130

This stress free, non-expansion through fixing is the new solution for heavy duty anchoring into concrete, brick, stone, wood and concrete block replacing the need for traditional anchors such as throughbolts, shield, sleeve and drop-in anchors.

100 Pieces (Box)

Designed to replace traditional expansion anchors
TIMCO micro plating technology gives a higher resistance to corrosion and enhances speed of installation
High-Low parallel threads for ease of insertion and high pull-out values
Removable adjustable non-expansion through fixing
Unique concave thread configuration
Weight - 3.244

Fasteners Fixings - Multi-Fix Bolt HEX Flange Head

Fasteners Fixings | Masonry Cavity Fixings | Concrete Bolts Screws | Multi-Fix Bolts | Multi-Fix Bolt - Hex Head

Units: 100 PCS

PART: TIM-MF6130 (13325)

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GBP0002933 / 31950000 - 03

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