Resin Turbo Nozzle To fit 300/410ml - 12 P 12 PCS - Bag

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TIMCO Chemical Anchor Resin Mixing Nozzles - To fit 300/410ml

Unique design for improved mixing suitable for both 300ml and 410ml resins. Spare mixer nozzles are useful for smaller applications where a full cartridge of resin is not extruded. Resin can then be reused for subsequent applications.

12 Pieces (Bag)

Low extrusion force
Unique design for improved mixing

Weight - 0.8

Fasteners Fixings - Resin Turbo Nozzle

Fasteners Fixings | Masonry Cavity Fixings | Resin Accessories | Mixing Nozzles

Units: 12 PCS

PART: TIM-TNOZ (14377)

12 / 0 / -1

GBP000652 / 7100000 - 03

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