2000G Polythene DPM BBA Approved 4m x 12.5m

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Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) HEAVY DUTY

Thickness - 2000  gauge/500 mu

Size - 4m x 25m

Ideal for waterproofing of buildings and building structures creating a waterproof layer under floors; floorings; slabs etc.


CE Certified No: 1454 EN 14909:2012     Type A

Roll Size: 4m x 25m

Watertight at: > 2kPa

Resistance at low temperature: - 25*C

Resistance to Fire: Class F

Shielding of building facades and windows

Durable; Flexible and easy to install

Protects the floor against the harmful impact of water and moisture

Prevents occurrence of mould and fungi


The thickness of polythene sheeting is expressed in gauge or microns and the higher the gauge/microns; the thicker the polythene. The gauge was the traditional imperial measurement of polythene thickness but has now been replaced by micron as the European metric standard. The gauge of polythene can easily be converted to a micron measurement by dividing it by four. Furthermore; if you want the thickness in millimetres then just divide the gauge by 4000. As an example; 1000 gauge = 250 micron = 0.25mm.   A 250-micron sheet is considered a "HEAVY DUTY polythene and ideal for heavy-duty applications such as a damp proof membrane; for mixing cement; temporary roof covering; temporary window repairs; industrial protection; weather protection and for heavier duty wrapping for storage and transit.

Units: EACH

PART: CAP-DPM2000 (375)

5 / 0 / 3

GBP0003848 / 41910000 - 03

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