100mm Adjustable Joist Hanger

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Joist Hanger with Adjustable Height Strap

Height adjustable joist hanger for supporting timber joists from timber members.


100mm | 75mm | 47mm


Pre-galvanised mild steel.



A galvanised joist hanger (jiffy) that provides great support with ease of installation.
Published performance values are based upon 3.75 x 30mm square twist nails being used throughout.
Wider strap provides more surface area on the supporting timber and allows increased nail spacing; enhancing the performance of the critical hanger-to-support part of the connection.
Minimum and maximum nailing schedules are stamped into the strap providing correct installation information for site operatives.
Speed-prong holds the hanger in position to allow easier attachment. The installer no longer has to try to hold hanger; joist and nail with one hand and swing a hammer with the other!
Features a location tab which allows easier alignment of the hanger.
The model number and size is stamped into the seat of the hanger for easy identification; even after installation.


Solid sawn timber joists


When to Use

Face Fix
Wrap Over

Units: each

PART: SIMP-100MMJIF (7981)

2885 / 0 / 2999

GBP00050 / 540000 - 03

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