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fischer Gas-actuated fastening tool FGW 90F

Quick and easy fastening in wood

Top Features

  • 3 fixings per second.
  • Easy adjustment of nail setting depth.
  • 8;000 nailings per battery charge.
  • 1;100 nails per gas cartridge.
  • Wide range of nails for many substrates.
  • 2 Years Warranty

Product Description

The fischer FGW 90F gas-actuated setting tool drives nails precisely into the wood substrate with 90-joule setting energy. Thus; up to three fastenings can be achieved into the working surface per second. The powerful CAS battery lasts for 8;000 nailings per charge under normal conditions. The wide range of nails is suitable for a variety of materials; such as solid wood; plywood; plywood as well as chipboard; fibreboard  and veneer materials.


  • The 90 joules power ensures correct penetration into the working surface with up to three fixings per second.
  • The embedment depth of the nails can be easily adjusted to the application.
  • Maintenance intervals after every 20;000 fixings; under standard conditions; en-sure a long service life.
  • Ring and smooth shank nails in different lengths allow universal use.
  • The powerful rechargeable battery with Li-Ion power can be used for more than 8;000 fixings per charge.
  • The FGW 90F is supplied in the practical XL-BOXX; which is compatible with the L-BOXX.


  • The FGW 90F is suitable for a fast and reliable installation with up to three fixings per second and more than 1;100 fixings per fuel cell.
  • For optimum installation; the nose piece of the tool must be positioned correctly on the working surface.
  • The LED display indicates the status of the battery; which is fully charged after 90 minutes (under standard conditions). After a charging time of only 10 minutes; 300 more nails can be fixed.
  • The FGW 90F will operate within the temperature range of -7 C to +50 C.
  • The tool can be easily transported and stored with the adjustable hook.


  • Wood frame construction
  • Roof battens
  • External cladding
  • Stud work
  • Fencing
  • Over boarding

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PART: FIS-1STFIX (96289)

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