PVC 15mm Bellcast Bead 2.5m (50L) 10 - 15mm

Sale price£111.25


An alternative range of impact resistant drylining and wet plaster beads for internal or external use.

PVC Plaster Beads are designed for use externally where galvanised beads cannot be used or where they are preferred to stainless steel. They are also used internally in high moisture content areas or where pro-longed drying out periods may be necessary.

Other benefits include:

Simple installation (with plaster dabs or stainless steel fixings)

No sharp edges, and safe to handle.

Easy to cut (by use of tin snips or fine tooth saw).

Non corrosive.

Units: 50 Lngths

PART: LOC-TLPERS1015 (96343)

12 / 0 / 14

GBP0006809 / 74160000 - 03

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